Hi beautiful!

I see you.

I know you.

You are so much more than a man or a woman here to provide until you take your last breath. 

you are an infinite soul in a body with centers of gravitational pull (your chakras) meant to help you have a life of ease and joy. 

If they are blocked, with excess emotions, drama/trauma you will feel tired, sluggish, depressed, unfocused and unlike your true being, love. 

In a state of love you are your most intuitive, all knowing, all aware. ​

In a state of fear, things are grey, cloudy and confusing. 

You are meant to be a beacon of light in this world. 

And I'm here to show you how practical you can make it to be a full time light worker / healer / practitioner working from anywhere in the world helping thousands or just a few. 

Let's start by first getting you connected vertically so you can regain your high vibe and your highly accurate awareness. 

Once you are cleared up and connected with all the best upgrades, you'll be faster, more productive and 'awake' with so much life and energy. 

Robert Richman

Motivational Speaker

Robert Richman headshot.jpeg

I have had great results in a very short period of time working with her. I highly

recommend working with her.

Tamara Arnold

The Enchanted Fairy


She pulled my blockages out at lightning speed...had amazing results almost instantly.

Courtney Laub

Healer and Business Owner


In just a few short weeks I have seen a big transformation in myself and in my business. I'm now able to speak up about myself and my business. 


About Alixe Kathleen Tracey

I decided to hand the wheel of my life to God in 2008 and I haven't stopped beign a full time intuitive healer / business mentor since, traveling the world and having a fun easy life.

I'm here to teach you how to train and trust your SUPER POWER (YOUR intuition) because it's the best guidance there is. 

Within 2 years of making that decision to let go and let God, I wrote 5 ebooks (one certication manual) published 2 meditation albums, read and cleared hundreds of chakras for clients all over the world and lead intuitive development retreats in Hawaii, the States, London, Switzerland and France. Pretty much anywhere I went people found me and asked me to help them and work on their energy body. 

I developed my intuition after my mom passed away from cancer and I decided to stay connected with her spirit which made me extra sensitive to energies and thus developed all of my clairs. I received several certifications as well but honestly, it's prayer and meditation that allows me to do what I do.


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